Bike Wheel – check!

Driving to work on Monday morning I found exactly what I was looking for…a large racing bike wheel, minus the tyre. I was driving behind a very slow car, very close to the college, when I noticed a collection of bike wheels outside one of the council houses, adjacent to the wheelie bins. I pulled up onto the kerb, ran down to the house and knocked at the door. There was no answer, but as the wheels had clearly been dumped next to the bins, I’m sure that the owner wanted to get rid of them, so I hastily grabbed one, ran back to the car and sped away!


Earlier today, I cleaned the oil off the cogs in the centre of the wheel, and gave it a good wash with hot soapy water. I then primed it, dried it, and sprayed it white, as I consider it to be another “ghost” object.

wheel2  wheel1

I’m quite excited about finding the wheel, and it almost seems that fate has led me to the two bicycle parts.


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