David Kefford

In my last tutorial with Caroline, she advised me to look at the work of David Kefford, an artist who is based in Cambridge, who works with a variety of media including found objects.

He “frees” everyday objects and uses them to create sculptural works which hint at unknown narratives, and often seem to refer to the human body or sexual organs.


Penetration (2006)

When viewing his work, I felt  a kind of connection to the objects, and an appreciation that these pieces have stories to tell, and have been “rescued” in order to do so. I think that viewing the pieces in a gallery, up close, rather than online, would make me feel slightly emotional, the same way I tend to feel when I visit a car boot sale, and view some of the objects which people have abandoned or neglected. Kefford deliberately uses materials such as rubber bands, putty and duct tape to give the pieces a makeshift quality, and this seems to echo throughout many of his works.


Kefford’s transformation of the objects give them a surrealist quality, and I can easily imagine his work being painted onto a canvas to work as a 2D piece, similar to the work of Joan Miro. The pieces are placed carefully, and often form connections with each other, some harmonious and others very tense. Elements of colour are present, but remain true to the chosen objects.

I find Kefford’s work intriguing. Although it is mildly representational (human genitals), at a glance it can also seem very abstract. On reflection, I think that perhaps my “Dolly” seems  bit too representational in comparison to Kefford’s pieces, and perhaps there is a need to become more abstract when using found objects.


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