MA3 Narrated Bibliography

Please note: This is an ongoing list which will be added to and altered over the year

Flora Celtica

In-text: (MillikenBridgewater, 2004) Bibliography: Milliken, W.Bridgewater, S. (2004). Flora Celtica. Edinburgh: Birlinn.

An in-depth enclyclopedia of Scottish flora, this book contains interesting facts about the origins and uses of plants, and glossy, full colour photos which are invaluable for plant identification. It also contains traditional recipes and information surrounding the customs and folklore of the plants.

Heritage trees of Scotland

In-text: (Rodger et al., 2003)

Bibliography: Rodger, D., Ogilvie, J.Stokes, J. (2003). Heritage trees of Scotland. London: Tree Council.

This book is a fairly light read, but contains interesting and concise facts about the Heritage trees of Scotland, including the Birnam Sycamore (p.113) and the Birnam Oak (p.114-115). Good quality glossy photos of the trees too.

The Mushroom Book

In-text: (Laessøe et al., 1996 ) Bibliography: Laessøe, T., Lincoff, G.Del Conte, A. (1996). The mushroom book. New York: DK Pub.

A really useful encyclopedia of Mushrooms and fungi. Glossy, well illustrated and giving all the detailed information about identifying and picking mushrooms and fungi, including the time of year, toxicity and detailed descriptions.


In-text: (ShakespeareGibson, 1993) Bibliography: Shakespeare, W.Gibson, R. (1993). Macbeth. Cambridge [England]: Cambridge University Press.

A book containing not only the complete script from Macbeth, but also a running synopsis of the story and dictionary to simplify and decipher the unfamiliar language often found in Shakespeare’s plays. Designed for schools, it also suggests activities for teachers and pupils, some of which may prove useful to consider myself. Black and white photographs/illustrations inside.

Shakespeare Macbeth. A selection of critical essays

In-text: (Wain, 1968)  Bibliography: Wain, J. (1968). Shakespeare. Macmillan Education.

A series of critical essays on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, by a variety of authors, which picks apart the lines from this play, analyzing the story form different viewpoints.